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Home-grown props

Yogis use ‘props’ to support good alignment and to provide ease while exploring different versions of poses.  If you have any of these props already, great.  If not, there are LOTS of options for substitution.  I have done yoga with no ‘official’ props in many hotel rooms without any frustration just by using what is […]

Finding a home practice that sustains you

Yoga Alliance says that only 5% of yoga students practice at home. I encourage you to try to be part of that 5%, even if it is for just 10 minutes a day, or ‘most’ days. Indeed, I am a big believer in 10 minutes ‘most’ days. And this is not an encouragement that is […]

About the name ‘Witness Tree Yoga’

Witness Tree Yoga takes its name from a Robert Frost poem, called The Beech. I first read this poem years ago and have spent hours reflecting on it. Here it is for you – THE BEECH Where my imaginary lineBends square in woods an iron spineAnd pile of real rocks have been founded.And off this […]

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