What to expect

“Whether we engage for an acute need, like an injury, or more routine practice, our sessions leave me emotionally and physically restored.”

What is yoga therapy and what is therapeutic yoga?

Yoga therapy and therapeutic yoga use the tools of yoga to improve functional movement and to create ease in the body and mind. Depending on the goals of the class or private session, the movements may feel like a regular yoga class, or they may feel very different.

My training combines somatics and yoga, and I teach SomaYoga. SomaYoga is a discipline that seeks to release long-held tension and/or provide neuromuscular re-education. Over time, most people have built up habitual movements that create imbalances and discomfort. SomaYoga seeks to unwind those habits and restore better alignment and freer function.

What will happen during a class or one-on-one session?

Expect to be offered a lot of options and ways of approaching yoga poses. We will use props (blocks, chairs, straps and bolsters) to extend your capacities so that you can focus your effort on releasing held tension and building stability.

You will work barefoot on a yoga mat or in a chair with your feet on the floor. This helps me see your alignment so I can give you good advice.

My request of you is that you pay attention to how your body feels during practice and explore which options work best for you. There are a thousand and one options. One is sure to fit you.

In group classes

In my classes, I seek to demystify the yoga tradition so that people can explore it genuinely and take from it what serves them. My classes typically begin with therapeutic movement and then build from there into something that feels like a traditional yoga class. With many students in a single class, it is often not possible to address specific student needs well. So I will offer a lot of options for students to explore to see what helps them and what does not.

In private sessions

You will be asked to complete a brief intake form ahead of time that helps me understand any issues you are struggling with. I will guide you through a practice that addresses those issues.

You will be encouraged to give me feedback as we practice. That will help me understand better what options to offer you, and it will help you understand better how to develop a home practice that sustains your well-being.

The session will end with a debrief and with practices that you can use at home to continue the work.

It may feel awkward

SomaYoga often taps into muscle movements that have not been used in for quite some time. So, yes, you may feel clumsy and awkward. That is part of the re-education process.

What is important to know is that you are always the master of your yoga practice. I will never ask you do anything against your better sense.