What to expect

There is no yoga except the yoga that happens in your own body

In my classes and one-on-ones, expect to be offered a lot of options and ways of approaching yoga poses. We will use props (blocks, chairs, straps and bolsters) to extend your capacities so that you can experience what might be next for you in your practice.

You will work barefoot on a yoga mat or in a chair with your feet on the floor. This helps me see your alignment so I can give you good advice.

My request of you is that you pay attention to how your body feels during practice and take advantage of the adaptations that work best for you. There are a thousand and one options. One is sure to fit you.

It may feel awkward

Yoga may feel exotic and alien. It took me months of practicing before I thought, ‘Oh, this is how yoga is supposed to feel.’ It took me three years to experience the much-touted ‘lightness’ in tree pose.

What is important to know is that you are always the master of your yoga practice. Take from it what serves you, leave behind what does not. Yoga will never ask you do anything against your better sense.

One thing that feels foreign about yoga is the Sanskrit terminology and the focus on self-awareness that sometimes feels challenging in the context of our duty-filled lives. But the truth is, yoga opens doorways into more fundamental self-knowledge and restoration that, contrary to what one might think, often leads practitioners outward, towards a renewed community spirit. Yoga surprises us. Every day.

Translating ancient practices to you, today

In my classes, I seek to demystify the yoga tradition so that people can explore it genuinely and take from it what serves them. If I offer a new breathing practice, I will ask you, ‘Does that help you?’ If the answer is no, we will try something else. Indeed, that is what the ancient yogis did – they tried things out and stuck with what worked for them.

The movements and postures of yoga provide many benefits, the most important of which is that these serve as doorways into deeper self-understanding. Through that, if we are attentive, we will be rewarded with the experiences of freedom and openness.